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Call Hannah : 09095 343 136

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British girls with Hannah

I love having phone sex with guys because...

I love having phone sex with other British girls at the same time I am talking to a hot guy with a big hard cock. There is something so sexy about being able to have a virtual threesome that it just makes my pussy tingle just thinking about it.


My darkest sexual fantasy is...

Some British girls have fantasies about things that aren’t really dark, but my fantasies are as dark as you can get. I love pain and I love giving it right back so you better choose your words wisely when you call ME.


I'm most horny when...

British girls can get horny at the drop of a hat and I am no different. I can get wet just thinking about eating a banana, and you don’t want to get me started when I am actually eating one! That reminds me; I'm a bit hungry right now!


You should call me if you...

If you want to know what British girls get up to in their bedrooms, then you should give me a call right now. I am sure I can take hold of your interest and keep it in my grasp for hours and hours. I will let you put that one together on your own.


Making British Girls Happy...

There is nothing better than foreplay in my book and I expect you to feel the same way. I love being played with so I make it my mission in life to make you as hard as I possibly can before giving you the release you are so desperately seeking.



About Hannah

Location: Selkirkshire
Age: 24
Star sign: Libra
Height: 160cm
Relationship Status: Single
Looking for: Guys that give me lots of attention
Personal telephone number: 09095 343 136

Call Hannah on 09095 343 136